Destroy The Distance Review – Does It Work?

by admin on January 27, 2013

Is There Honestly A “Secret Formula” That Will Aid You In Making A Long Distance Relationship REALLY Work For You?  Adam Rabin Reckons So…

Let’s face it – long distance relationships are HARD!  And anyone who’s been in one – past or present – will wholeheartedly agree withDestroy The Distance Destroy The Distance Review   Does It Work? this.  After all, all relationships take work, so add in the fact of prolonged periods of separation, and any issues are magnified a hundredfold.

But what can Destroy The Distance offer to make your relationship rock solid, despite those long miles that keep you apart from your loved one?  And can any relationship expert honestly give you the advice you need to ensure that your love remains in that happy emotional state to allow your love to not only remain strong – but to flourish, despite the emptiness that distance brings?

We decided that Destroy The Distance needed an in-depth look at whether it’s worth the paper it’s written on, or if it’s simply a way to swell the coffers of its creator instead.

Read on to find out the REAL story behind Destroy The Distance – it certainly makes for interesting reading, that’s for sure…

What do you get for your money?

Well, Destroy The Distance is an instant download program that’s all about keeping emotionally connected with your partner even when physically separated.  Backed by the well-known Digital Romance Inc. (the company that publishes works from those truly experienced in the world of love, romance and dating) the program includes the following:

  • A Step by Step guide towards building a fulfilling and long term relationship:Here you literally get a “road map” that provides you with a plan that allows your relationship to become stronger, more connected and intimate even when there’s miles between you.
  • Avoiding the long distance relationship traps: Learn not only how to identify them, but how to ensure that they don’t wreck your relationship.  It’s these very traps that end many a long distance relationship in the first place, so having the knowledge on how to avoid them is a powerful tool that will only strengthen your love and passion for each other.
  • Taking advantage of technology: to remain close to your partner even when miles apart.  For example, communicating through social media, texts and email.
  • Problems and solutions: Because no relationship is without its ups and downs.  And this can be very much magnified when the aspect of distance is added to the equation.  But it’s not the problems and distance themselves that are the issue – it’s how you deal with them that really matters.  And once you find that someone special, then knowing how to work thorough those “down” periods, even across the miles, can make the difference between success or failure.

Plus some great bonuses, including Michael Fiore’s Long Distance Texting.  Here you learn exactly what to text your partner to have exactly the effect you intend.  Prepare to be truly amazed by the potency of texting as a means of sweet-talking your loved one…

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Who is it for?

Are you in a long distance relationship?  Or perhaps you’ve just found out that your partner needs to be away for an extended period of time?  Whatever the reason for you being apart, then Destroy The Distance will help you avoid the common mistakes that so often lead to such a relationship breaking down.

Whether your relationship is in good shape, or you’re currently experiencing difficulties, Destroy The Distance is a proven system for repairing and nurturing the love you have for each other.  This in turn actively repairs any problems you might have, as well as making the relationship stronger in the long run.

And whilst it is predominantly aimed at women in heterosexual relationships, there’s absolutely no reason that men can’t gain an awful lot from the program as well.  Not to mention any partner in a same sex relationship.

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Who are Adam Rabin and Michael Fiore?

First we’ll mention the well-known relationship exert – the guy responsible for the hugely successful relationship program, The Secret Survey.  One of the best names in successful ways to succeed in a 21st century relationship, Destroy The Distance has been produced in conjunction with Adam Rabin, a relationship expert who specializes in long distance relationships.

Adam himself speaks from first hand experience, having been in a long distance relationship himself.  Because of this, he completely understands the struggles and insecurities shared by all people in the same position.  This personal experience allowed him to glean some amazing insights into how to make such a relationship work.  And work it did, as he ended up marrying the very lady who shared his long distance relationship experience.

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The Pros

  • Destroy the Distance is written from personal experience, and this shines through right from the world go.  Not only does it “get” all those niggles, insecurities and doubts that naturally plague everyone in such a relationship (we’re all only human, after all), but explains in easy to understand terms exactly the way to prevent the miles making your relationship emotionally distant, as well as physically.
  • The process that Destroy The Distance goes through is presented in a step-by-step manner.  It also takes into account all the methods of modern technology and communication to allow you to remain strong and connected with your partner.
  • Apart from all the advice on how to make a long distance relationship stronger, it also includes some vital advice about stress relief.  Because one of the biggest problems anyone has when the love of their life is far away is insecurity.  And insecurity equals stress that can become almost overwhelming at times.  What Destroy The Distance does is help you to literally “cheat proof” your relationship – and honestly will show you exactly the way to deal with the stresses of long distance relationships.
  • Destroy The Difference is well written, and actually a joy to read.  The content is compelling, instilling you with the guidance and knowledge you need to make your long distance relationship as natural as if you were living in the same town.
  • The program comes with a 60 day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

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The Cons

  • Probably the only ‘con’ about Destroy The Distance is that it’s so specialized towards those in a long distance relationship (hmmmm, the name gives that away, somewhat).  So if you’re looking for something a little more generalized, it probably won’t be what you need.

The Bottom Line

Well, in our humble opinion we think that Destroy The Distance is simply a “must have” for anyone who’s in or about to enter into a long distance relationship.  There are so many common traps that cause many a long distance love affair to falter and fail – most of which are completely unnecessary.  And being as finding love in the first place can be something that always flutters just out of reach, surely we all owe it to ourselves to put in the effort needed to make a relationship work – even if it is across the miles.

In a nutshell, we think that Destroy The Distance is awesome – and there’s a whole bunch of satisfied recipients out there who are living proof of that…

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Destroy the Distance is coming…

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If you have a long distance relationship and you want it to work, then don’t go any further because you will want to read my Adam Rabin’s Destroy the Distance review.

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This program is designed to help you and your partner have  a better relationship but don’t you want to see if it’s good or not?
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